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People often ask us why & how we got started with Around The Garden Table ( or ATGT as we call it.)

The simple answer is as a retail extension of Jeff's successful corporate landscaping company.

The longer reply from myself is the same, but also a quality of life aspect too.

Before ATGT, I was an overworked, overstressed HGV driver who worked very long hours. Jeff was also putting in very long hours too, especially through the growing season. We were apart such a lot of the time. Jeff also felt a tad disconnected from 'real' people & 'real' gardens having spent so long working on the commercial sector.

We saw ATGT as a chance to combine all our skills & experience in a project jointly that could grow & develop at it's own pace.

We started very small & with some trepidation, but as the last 4 years have flown by, we've been able to adapt & change our business.

We actively sought (& still do) all feedback & comments to help shape the business.

We love engaging with the public hearing their likes/ dislikes/ opinions on all things garden related. After a couple of years of interacting with customers, Jeff has had great inspiration that has found it's way into his show garden ( & our own garden) design.

We get a lot of pleasure popping up at shows & events. It certainly helps fill our 'free' time!

Another unexpected bonus is making some great friendships with other traders ( especially those who produce amazing local cider!)

This last 12 months have certainly seen a lot of changes to our business, but as we are ever evolving, we take this in our stride. We like to have plans & goals but as 2020 has taught us, we also have to just go with the flow.

Here's to a happy 2021 gardening season.

We thank you all for your ongoing support.

Stay safe & happy gardening.

Alex and Jeff xx

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